PNG Professional Ltd (PNG) is an umbrella company employer of contractors and freelancers who provide their services to clients through recruitment agencies. Since our inception in 2014, we have consistently been a reliable partner for workers and agencies alike. We provide a pure PAYE umbrella scheme that follows HMRC regulations to contractors or freelancers from any industry or sector, be it healthcare, construction, finance, social care, IT, engineers including warehouse operatives. Our solution serves the best interests of all parties involved i.e. the end client, employment business and the contractor.

PNG Professional Ltd is accredited by Professional Passport and affiliated to PRISM, a recognised trade association for umbrella companies. From 2020, we are considering accreditation from the FCSA to further enhance our credibility.

Our team has more than a decade of experience in working with contractors and freelancers, which has led to us being recognised as a pinnacle for the provision of authentic and reliable service in the temporary worker industry.

How can we help you?

As a leading umbrella company in UK, we take on thousands of contractors and freelancers working independently through recruitment agencies as our employees. PNG Professionals provides ideal conditions for contractors and freelancers to work in a tax efficient and HMRC compliant manner.

We offer authentic information and guidance to temporary workers, so they understand their employment rights and tax obligations. This helps them to continue earning an honest income and living worry-free of unexpected future tax obligations.  Furthermore, we offer you peace of mind by allowing you to work in compliance with Agency Worker Regulations; this gives the contractor the ability to have continuous employment with us while providing their services to various end clients and on different assignments.

We provide personalised service by assigning a dedicated account manager or contact person to each contractor whom they will deal with daily. This builds better relationships, as there is a single point of contact, queries get resolved quicker, and the account manager understands the circumstances of their contractor without having to repeat themselves to different operatives all the time.

Our core values

Our core values of authenticity, reliability, and excellence are enshrined in our mission to provide personalised services to contractors and workers all over the United Kingdom. It is what makes PNG Professionals stand out from the rest as an Umbrella company maintaining PAYE schemes in compliance with HMRC regulations. Our relentless pursuit of excellence has set us on our way to becoming the finest and largest umbrella service provider in the UK.
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